Monday, July 28, 2014

I'm a blogging failure. There, I said it. I promise to post and then I disappear right off the face of the Internet for literally months. A lot has happened since I posted last, obviously. Probably the biggest is, we welcomed Samuel Peter into this world on November 11 and it's been a whirlwind adventure ever since.

I'm a Facebook-updater, at least until last month, but I'm taking a cool 2 months off from the 'book' and I've had little outlet for my random thoughts, updates and rants.

The latest around here is Frank reenlisted last week for 6 more years. That's right, count it, SIX more years. That puts us at a cool 14 years. Lots of new opportunities are opening up and we are still waiting to share what the future holds for us. We hope to know more by early fall but the military is a 'hurry up and wait' kind of place, and we are painfully patiently waiting.

The kids and I have had a busy summer. We spent 2 planned weeks, and 1 unplanned week in North Carolina visiting family and friends. Then the family came to Colorado a week after I got home and we've been entertaining here for about 3 weeks. Yesterday I whipped up a birthday cake for a very sweet little girl and today was Day 1 of VBS. Guess whose a crew leader?! Yep. This girl.

After this week, I'm looking forward to a low key month before Kaylee goes back to 'part day enrichment' or pde, which is essentially military half-day preschool. It's a great program, we love the teacher and the 'school' is walking distance from our house, on base.

The kids are kids, for lack of a better description. They are all napping now, Praise Jesus!
Kaylee is tall, sassy, imaginative and creative. She is smart and talks nonstop. She loves Jesus and is our prayer warrior, always willing to pray and talk to God, it touches my heart. She is my helper. We started reading Little House in the Big Woods before bed and her comprehension and memory amazes me.
Joel is a firecracker. He has blazing orange hair and a temper to match. He is stubborn but sweet. Quick to hug and say sorry. He is our little Italian lover, he always wants to kiss and hug. He is all boy, enthralled with bugs, cars, trains, planes and dirt. He runs every where he goes. He makes me laugh. He loves animals and knows all their sounds, and all the colors.
Sam is growing up too fast. He's 19.5 pounds (50%) and just over 30 inches (99%). He has been crawling since we were at my moms, so about 3 weeks, and is pulling himself up on all the furniture and has started to cruise easily. He jabbers a lot and is cutting teeth. He smiles and laughs. He loves playing with the big kids and crawls after them. He's easy going and happy.

Frank and I are doing well. We keep busy between all the kids and our grown up duties. We recently made the decision to change churches. We do everything at the base chapel, Kaylee goes to AWANA and VBS, and I attend two Bible studies a week there, most of the friends we have made attend the chapel so we fellowship with them on a regular basis, so now we church with them too. To be honest it was the right move for our family. Its walking distance to our home, Frank can meet us there on Sundays when he has to work and everyone there knows what its like to unload a car full of kids by themselves so they are eager to help me when I need it. Something I am very grateful for.

I have gotten more serious about cooking, Frank bought me some incredible cookbooks, including Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking. And we are considering the possibility of me attending culinary school, more specifically pastry school. It makes me giddy to even 'say' that out loud.

I think that as much of an update as I have in me for today. Maybe I will remember to post next week about our adventure at VBS ;) otherwise in 6-9 months you can expect a random update.

My latest wreath
Kaylee 4 1/2
Joel 2
Sammy 8 months

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

What did the mommy tomato say to the baby tomato when he fell behind?

Ketchup! Ha.Ha. Here's the latest. 

I'm currently 31 weeks pregnant. The crib is not put together, the bedding has not arrived and we haven't decided on a name. Stressed? Yes. 

We moved a quarter mile up the street a month ago today. We are now in a 4 bedroom house and have a massive garage! Yay! It's a good thing too, since that's where all of our unpacked boxes are hiding. I only have a slight to moderate heart attack when I go into the garage now. 

In other news, last month we also bought a van!! Yes, that's an exclamation mark. Yes, I really am excited :) I absolutely love my van. Seriously. It has automatic doors, a dvd player, stow and go seating and extended trunk space! I'm in my glory, people! 

School is in full swing here. Well, at least for Frank and Kaylee. Frank is taking a few online courses and should have his associates degree in March. Kay has been begging me to start school, and as soon as we found her home school book, that's exactly what we did. She also started Awana about a month go, so far she has memorize 1 John 4:10, the Cubbies motto (Jesus loves me), Romans 3:23 and this week she is learning Romans 5:8. The verses are shortened but she has excelled so far and on Sunday she will earn her first patch! 

Joel has gotten busier and more wild by the hour. He climbs on everything. The window sills, the rocking chair, the train table, into the van, onto Kay's new big girl bed, and now onto the dining room table. Yes, you read that right. The dining room table. Anybody want a cute and wild 16 month old? Free. Overall he's transitioned well. He went cold turkey from crib to toddler bed the day we moved all our furniture to the new house. This week sleep has been difficult for him, he's waking up at least once during his nap, and twice at the night. Joel is obsessed with the toilet. There are 2 times when I can count on Joel being quiet. One when he's sleeping, usually. The second being when he's playing in the toilet. He's put cars, little people, necklaces, really all kinds of things down the toilet. 

Baby Boy, like I said, remains nameless. He's measuring 2 weeks early, which is fantastic news for my Thanksgiving Day plans, but not so much for anything else. I'm afraid Joel will not adjust well to having to share his momma, but Kaylee is excited. She wants to name the baby Peter Pan. Needless to say, her naming privileges have been revoked. 

In my world, there is little sleep. With Joel's nightly crying sessions, well, he really just whines Mooooommmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaa for 30 minutes, plus Kay's nightly potty trip, and my personal trips, sleep has become an afterthought. Of course, it takes like 20 minutes to adjust myself or roll over, and then I usually have to get up again before I can fall asleep. I'd say it's almost comical. Almost, if I wasn't so sleep deprived. Alas, this too shall pass. In a year, or so. I feel sorry for new baby. He will be sleeping in his own room immediately. 

I'm in love with the new Swagbucks app and their tv app. It's so easy to earn swagbucks now, before I might earn a $5 Amazon card over a month or two span but now I am earning one a week! I play the tv all night, sometimes it times out, but since I'm up at least once an hour or so, I can check it and restart the videos. So I wake up in the morning already having earned 50 swag bucks. Plus I downloaded the apps to the iPad for Frank's account and earn double bucks when I search on his. I also discovered Mpoints. I can earn $3-$6 a week in about 10 minutes a day. You earn points for opening apps, watching videos, taking short (1 question) surveys, etc. It's a really easy way to earn free money. 

My craft supplies are s.l.o.w.l.y getting unpacked. I have a November wreath to finish, and at this pace, I'll be able to hang it on my door by Thanksgiving Day. It's finally time for me to make a new batch of laundry detergent. I made my first batch last July, it cost me $20 to make and I washed over 400 loads. I'm becoming quite efficient at menu planning, something I never tried to do in the past. But I love only grocery shopping once a week and it's really helping me manage my food budget. I've completely taken over the budgeting, which is both good and scary, only because I'm afraid to mess something up. But since we have started to seriously budget and budget for every.single.thing it's become almost a game. Almost. 

Well. These children are begging for attention. And by that, I mean nap time is over and I should get them a snack. Plus I can't think of anything else I could possibly update you on. I probably passed that interesting/annoying line paragraphs ago. Until next time, friends. 

Friday, June 28, 2013

Hormonal Rants Beware

What is it about pregnancy that makes me want to rant? Hmmm? Seriously, I can usually control the urge to open my mouth but that goes right out the window when the hormones are flowing... Let's get right to it.

I have to know, why, WHY would someone post a question on Facebook instead of just Google-ing the answer? These are the questions I mean... What is the telephone number to ____? ... When are (insert town name here)'s firework display? ... What are the hours for ____? ... Seriously. How lazy can you be? First of all, you are already on the internet! No really, you are. Just open up another tab and type your question into the search bar. Chances are 1. You are going to get results much faster than waiting on someone to answer it for you (on a side note, they probably GOOGLED it for you!) and 2. It's going to be accurate. Seriously next time someone asks for a telephone number I'm going to list a number for China. Or some kind of hotline. Yea, that'll teach you.

And. Breathe.

Next. Oh my. I can feel my blood starting to boil. Emoji. When did emoticons become an acceptable form of communication? It's like electronic Ebonics. I've noticed this has become increasingly popular with the older Facebook and/or texting generation. Please stop. Please. I'm begging you. If I get a text from you and it's full of roses, anchors, hearts, cakes, smiley faces, tear drops, cats and umbrellas, I delete it. I don't want to look at that ridiculousness. Please don't send it to me. Ever. Again. And I do mean EVER!

Why are there sidewalks? Seriously. Why? And bike lanes? They make no sense to me. People ride their bikes down the MIDDLE of the street, and I'm not talking about my residential neighborhood. All over base, on the main streets of Aurora, people just ride their bikes wherever they want, but not on the side walks. Why would that make any sense. And please, since you are riding your bike in the middle of the busy street, let's please, please put in both ear buds so you can make sure you can't hear someone honking their horn at you, because you're about to ride out in front of their car.

I have a religious rant also. I'm seriously not trying to get people all upset. But the whole thing with Christians and gay marriage is really starting to bug me. First of all, gay marriage is not Biblical. It's not. And since God invented marriage I believe that His definition should be the end all. When we say we know better than God, we are inviting His judgment upon us. Again, completely Biblical. I believe we should love all people, regardless of sexual preference. (Biblical) What I am having issues with is people saying the gay community are like the modern day prostitutes and tax collectors Jesus hung out with. Um. No. First of all, homosexuality is not new. Remember Sodom and Gomorrah? (Just in case, that's Old Testament, Jesus is New.) There were homosexuals when Jesus walked the earth.

Now, I'm not I'm blameless, Romans 3:23 "for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,"... I sin, I admit it, I gossip and lie, I complain and judge, I am prideful, I am many things the Bible says not to be. But Jesus did not condone sin, in John 8 a woman caught in adultery is brought before Him. The Pharisees want to stone her, and Jesus says, "If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw the stone at her."(7) Jesus is standing among all these men, and He is that man, the ONLY one without sin, and yet He does not throw a stone, He does not condemn this woman, but He tells her, "Go now and leave your life of sin." (11) Leave it! Sin no more!

What are we saying as a church when we neglect to preach against a sinful lifestyle? The Word has become so watered down, we have lost our saltiness and we are so concerned about what the world around us will say if we preach against sin! Would you attend a church where the Pastor is openly living in an adulteress relationship? The church is a hospital for the broken. Yes. Definitely. But why are we so afraid to say, stop living like that? Romans 6:1 "What shall we say, then? Shall we go on sinning so that grace may increase? By no means! We died to sin; how can we live in it any longer?" People say equality of rights is a "good" thing. All I can think about is Isaiah 5:20 "Woe to those who call evil good and good evil..."

The bottom line is homosexuality is a sin, and we as a church think in order to love gay people we must condone their lifestyle. That's just not true. Jesus walked this earth sinless, blameless and He loved everyone but He never said to keep on sinning. He challenged everyone He met to repent (which does not just mean to say sorry and keep living however you want to, it means to completely turn away from, do a 180, go in a new direction). Why are our churches not preaching or neglecting to preach the same?

I should just stop. Religion is hard. People have such strong opinions about what's right and wrong. But hey, it's my blog for a reason. I didn't force you to read my opinion, you chose to. Do me a favor though, if you disagree, write your own blog, don't post it on Facebook where I am forced at least once to read it before I 'hide' it. (Love that new button!)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Consistently Inconsistent

Well... I think you would agree, the only thing that I consistently can manage to do is be inconsistent. At least in blogging... The rest of my life seems rather consistent. And by that I mean busy, but isn't everybody? It's been about, um, 7 months since I've even looked at my blog, let alone thought about writing. So! It's time for an update. A lot has happened since October... Here are some of the highlights...

Our search for a home church finally came to an end! Praise the Lord! After 8 months of searching, and 9 churches later, we discovered we were only miles away from the Marilyn Hickey Ministries home church, Orchard Road Christian Center. We first heard of Marilyn the month prior while we were in Hamilton, AL for the women's conference. I heard her speak and fell in love with the 81 year-old fire ball! It took us an entire month to figure out that Marilyn's ministry was in Denver, but looking back, it's so awesome to see how God was moving and putting things in front of us to find the church.

Also in October, I celebrated my 28th birthday. (Which I am having a hard time believing now, since I'm a few short months away from turning 29. YIKES! It doesn't seem real!) My granny, gramps, and mom all came to visit and celebrate with me... Well they really came to see the kids, but, you know... Plus Frank can't make a birthday cake. ;) The day before my birthday my mom and I hiked down Pike's Peak, while Frank and his chief hiked up. 13.1 miles each way. Let's just say at the end of the day we were glad it was over. It was awesome and I'd do it again, but I'm not in any hurry. You know how every year people ask you on your birthday if you feel any older? Well, this year, I did! I could hardly walk, and forget about going down the stairs! Just forget about it!

I also got a very special and fantastic present for my birthday...  The Kitchen Aid Waffle Baker! Oh how I LOVE this present! It has served us well!


And don't forget Halloween!

November... We spent 19 days in North Carolina visiting. Frank had to attend some training in Norfolk for a week, so the kids and I went the week before, and stayed a week later. We celebrated Frank's birthday in North Carolina. We came home in time for Thanksgiving and we got together with some friends for Turkey day.

December... Kaylee turned 3! My family came (No shocker there). We celebrated Christmas too while they were in town, so the kids were spoiled, big time.

And we celebrated Kay's birthday with her friends at Chuck E Cheese's the next week. She had a great time and cleaned up in the ticket booth!
Projects were few and far between this fall... It seems like we were always coming or going, or someone was coming to visit. But we managed to get together to make felt Christmas trees and ornaments, so the kids could decorate and re-decorate their very own 'tree'.

We managed to get away for a weekend and drive up to Winter Park for some fun in the snow :)

 Oddly enough we had some beautifully warm days in December and still managed to squeeze in some walks. And Joel had to try out his new wagon. The kids still fight over who gets to ride.

And snow, of course. This was our first snow of the winter. 

 Christmas Tree Waffles... M&M ornaments for Kay and mommy, bacon for daddy.

January... Was the first month since moving to Denver that we neither went to visit someone, or had visitors. We saw some snow, but not nearly as much as we expected. Kaylee started taking ballet lessons. And Joel did everything! He started to eat more table foods, and really enjoyed them! He also cut teeth and started crawling!
February... Granny came for a visit! She left on Tuesday and my brothers flew in on Thursday (Valentine's Day). We spent the weekend in Winter Park with them and my Nebraskan cousins. Frank and I snow boarded, I was royally bad and sore. But we had a great time. We took Kaylee tubing and it was AWESOME! And Joel (10 & 1/2 months) took his first steps!!! Of course I missed them. I only spend all day, every day with him.
March... Honestly the only thing I can remember about this month is snow. We celebrated Easter and then...
April... 2nd we arrived in North Carolina. We spent 3 weeks at my mom and dad's. My brother Nick and his wife Lisa had since moved in with my parents, and Matt had moved home from Raleigh, and Josh, well he never left, so needless to say it was a packed house. Plus my grandparents drove down for almost 2 weeks, and Frank was there for a week, and Matt's girlfriend Maggie, visited a few times. Joel turned 1!!! What a fast year! We celebrated his birthday in North Carolina, then again with our Denver friends when we got home!

We also got some exciting, but shocking news in April... That's right... Baby Ehbrecht #3 is on the way! I actually found out I was pregnant while I was at my mom's and had to keep it a secret from Frank for 3 days until he flew in... Then we waited to tell our families until we got home and saw the OB. Let's be honest. This was a complete and utter shock to us. As I have been 1. Nursing full time, 2. Taking birth control and 3. Haven't had a normal cycle in 18 months. TMI> I had 2 periods in 4 months, and they were not in consecutive months. So needless to say we had no idea how far along I was. And I didn't take a pregnancy test thinking I was in fact pregnant, I hadn't been feeling well and took it to rule out pregnancy. Regardless of what we had planned or expected, we know God had an incredible plan for this baby and we are really excited! Baby E 3 is due November 20th. 

May... We spent the month sick. All of us. First Kay had the flu. Then Frank had scheduled surgery, he had 14 days off to recover and got sick during that time off. Then Kay got sick again.  Frank went back to work and worked 9 days straight, on his only day off during that the 14 day stretch, I spent it throwing up, and that continued for 3 days (not pregnancy related!) Then Joel got sick. We finally managed to kick the sickness and things have been on the upswing since.

I have been volunteering at church in the High School ministry since March, and Frank has started to get more involved too. He has been working with the Men's ministry and floating around to wherever he's been needed. We love our church family and we are really excited to get involved.

Which finally brings us to JUNE! Whew! We're gearing up for Kay's ballet recital. In fact, we have dress rehearsal tonight :) And on Friday Granny flies in to visit!

Yesterday Joel pretended to feed me, he even made smacking sounds with his lips! He's so mechanical and smart. I also caught him crouching on top of their little tyke's table yesterday. He's a climber and brave. Since he's become more mobile and active I find myself constantly saying, "Get that out of your mouth! Don't touch that! Don't put that in your mouth! Get down! Stop that!" Ha! Boys! In fact, I just found him, sucker in his mouth (he found this in my purse, unwrapped it and started eating it), going through my purse searching for more snacks. Of course. Joel was dedicated to the Lord on Mother's Day. It was an awesome service!

I started to home school Kay. We took a break in April but it's been hard to start back up since we've been sick. I'm hoping this week we can review the letters we've learned so far and get back into it. She is as busy as ever. She loves ballet and is constantly practicing and showing off her moves. She loves going to church and she is our prayer warrior! She is a great big sister! She shares well with Joel and they can get each other laughing in an instant. She is excited about the new baby, and she insists that we are having a girl! She even has some names picked out, Pink, Strawberry, and Curious George.

I promise it won't be another 6 months before I update my blog again. My friend Becca and I are planning a wreath day soon and on my to do list for this week is to organize my craft supplies. No telling what I'll find or get motivated to do :) Also on my list for this week is to finally menu plan and freezer cook. I'm starting to feel better and have more energy but mentally at the end of the day I'm too tired to figure out dinner. I'm thinking scheduling our dinner plans will make my daily life easier. Now I just have to find the time to sit down and write it out.

Friday, October 26, 2012

The Power of Words

Power. We all have it, but we don't think we do, or we don't think we have the right kind. I'm quickly realizing there are 2 reasons we think this way. 1. We are misusing our power and 2. We underestimate our ability to walk in that power.

Today I'm specifically speaking about the power of our words. At first this realization was slow, each day learning a bit more about the power I have, then all of a sudden the flood gate opened and my mind is racing with how imperative our words are. As a mother, as a wife, and as a Daughter of the Most High my words are POWERFUL!

Our words can change everything. Seriously. The realization of this power started with my children. When I spoke negative things like; shyness, grumpiness, Drama Queen, spoiled, etc., over my children it gave them permission to act in it! They were meeting my expectations! I had been speaking 'death' over my kids, and over my attitude with them. I not only gave them permission to act that way, I gave myself an excuse to let them act that way. So the first step was to stop speaking negative things over my kids. But it's not enough to stop speaking negative things over them! Just like when the Angel of the Lord called a weak and pretty un-mighty Gideon mighty, we need to speak 'life' over our children! We need to call out of our children what we desire them to be! Example. When my child is grumpy, and really, he is, instead of speaking that against him I have been saying, "Oh what a happy boy! You are so joyful! Can momma see that handsome smile?" And so on. Sometimes he continues to cry, sometimes it gets worse, but more times than not, he stops crying and does start smiling! But even if his actions don't change, cause face it, he's 6 months old and he continues to cry, something miraculous happens in me! My attitude and heart changes towards his bad mood. For Kaylee, my almost 3 year old, instead of saying you're not a very good sharer or, a good listener, etc. I find something she is, "You are such a great hugger/kisser/sister..." When I praise her instead of telling her what she's doing wrong, her desire to listen and please me increases. She wants to make her momma happy! My heart also changes, and my patience increases!

Need more Biblical evidence? Just look at Corinthians, in chapter 1, verse 2 Paul addresses his letter "To the church of God which is at Corinth, to those who are sanctified in Christ Jesus..." He calls them sanctified, holy, then spends the next 16 chapters telling them how UN-sanctified they are! He builds them up and then corrects! He doesn't come right out and say how jacked up they are!

I've mentioned a little how my heart changed towards my kids when I speak life instead of death but my biggest noticeable heart change has been towards my husband. Now, I love Frank, very much but I don't always have a good attitude towards him. I usually feel like there is more he can do to help me, with the kids, around the house... His honey-do list, for example, just grows and things only get crossed off when I finally break down and do it. So I would speak laziness or unhelpfulness over him. Well, when I stopped speaking or thinking those things over him and started speaking and thinking about what a hard worker he is, I was amazed how quickly my opinion changed. He really IS a hard worker! And he really helps me a lot with the kids, and around the house. I wasn't giving him the credit he so rightly deserved. I could only see what wasn't done and I was constantly frustrated. So when I started to praise him for all he does do, instead of nagging about what he didn't do, my appreciation grew and I stopped nagging. Well. Funny how things work. When I stopped nagging and speaking death over him, and started to praise him, he started to help me with all the things I really wished he had done all along. He wants to help me! He even asks what else he can help me with!

Now from a Heavenly standpoint. I'm still working on this one. But I'm learning that the more I put my self in the Lord's presence each day, the more He speaks to me and answers my prayers. My relationship with God has become more of a relationship and less like a wish list of things I'd like His intervention on. I am also learning about my power in Christ's name. Of course, I'm learning to respond to the things that the Lord has spoken over me, I worry less about my own agenda and worry more about His. My desire is to please Him with a happy heart, and to love, love, love! And how quickly my heart will change when instead of complaining I have a heart of thankfulness and praise! He makes all things new, my heart included, every time the enemy plants a seed of discontent.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My Rant to Michael's

I typed my 'message' to Michael's in their little box pushed send. Error. Again. Error, and again. Well thanks for providing such excellent customer service and a working website. Grrrrrr. Oh, it's so nice to notice that you have a PO Box I can send a letter to you. Thanks, but no, I'll keep my .47$ but as for a phone call... that is going to happen.

'Someone must care about your customer service. Your employees may not, but I sure hope someone on the Michael's food chain does, otherwise the future may be dreary. I for one, as a former customer certainly care about the way I've been treated my last 3 visits at your stores. And it's because of this service, I wouldn't return to one of your stores if it was the only place on the face of the earth to purchase food. Seriously the thought of visiting one of your stores gives me a headache, instantly.

I visited your Greenbrier, Va location to purchase some canvas that was on sale. First I couldn't find the canvas, after walking through the store twice with a tired toddler, did I mention I was pregnant at the time? I asked a clerk, who told me she was too busy to help me and she quickly hurried away. Call it pregnancy hormones, or frustration but I collect my daughter and promptly left your store. Obviously if some has the time to tell me they don't have the time to point me in the correct direction, my money isn't good in your establishment either.

My second disappointing and frustrating trip to Michael's was in Aurora, Co. I was 37 weeks pregnant and a day away from giving birth. I came in because you were having an awesome sale on all your Melissa & Doug items. I love Melissa and Doug and needed to get my daughter a few gifts for her half birthday. I found the items quickly enough, one was on clearance, so I knew I wouldn't be getting an additional 50% of but like I said it was already on sale. So I collected all the items I wanted, then stood in line, and waited and waited and waited. Seems like you're under manned at all your stores. I finally get the the register and everything, including my clearance item rings up full price. Weird, right? I asked the girl, I thought these were on sale. Just a no. No explanation. So I told her about the ad I had received in the mail earlier that week, thinking today is the last day of the sale, but no, the sale doesn't start until tomorrow! Seriously! Who sends ads out 2 weeks in advance! True, I could have read the dates but here all week long I had been stressing over getting to Michael's. So of course I'm frustrated but I asked about the clearance item and she told me it wasn't on sale. "But it was marked on the shelf that it's on sale." She told me it was wrong. She didn't go look, didn't ask someone else to look. Just said no. Then asked me of I was buying this stuff or not. Um, not. Jeez.

So the nail in the coffin was during my next visit. My friend and I had seen a project on pinterest we wanted to do so we came in for some supplies. She was looking for some puzzles and I told her all about Melissa and Doug and how you had the best collection I had seen in a store. So we went to look.  So 2 adults, 2 toddlers and an infant. We went down the aisle and all your Melissa and Doug stuff happened to be on sale again. So of course we both started picking out toys. Our little girls were not happy sitting in the cart but it just so happened we were down the same aisle as the bins of animal figurines. So we let the girls out to play. They were being good, making animal sounds and playing very nicely when a clerk came over. She pushed past our girls, and began putting the toys away they had gotten out. I'm very conscious of the mess my daughter makes and 3 animals on the floor does not justify this woman's actions. She put them away then went out of the aisle but stood staring at our girls. Like she was monitoring our kids. At this point I was so fed up with my past visits and treatment of your employees I put away everything I had picked out to buy, the toys in my daughter's hand, put my cart away and left. My friend and I were so shocked and disappointed by your employee's behavior.

I have always considered Michael's to be a family store and kid friendly and your store has always been my first choice for anything craft related. But now, I drive the extra miles to Hobby Lobby because I know I'm gonna get great deals, and excellent customer service. I hope you can understand how frustrating these trips to your store have been and why you will not be seeing my family back in your stores.'


Wow, this is like my 3rd blog post this month. You're so lucky ;)

Both kids are napping so I thought this might be a good time to catch up on the projects I have been working on... You know, with all that oodles of extra time I have during the day to sit around and sew, glue and paint... ::Rolls eyes::

I'm pretty sure I've posted Kay's hair bow holder before, but here it is again... I love that we attached a loop of ribbon around the top to organize clips. It makes searching for clips so easy - no dumping out! My mom and I made this from a large Oatmeal canister, I bought the candle holder at Target on clearance for a few dollars and then 2 sheets of scrap book paper. A little glue and ribbon and

MMMMMM! Mixed Berry Breakfast cake. I love cake. And I especially love eating it for breakfast! I'll be posting the recipe in Ehbrecht Eats soon, maybe today?! I made this when we had baby visiting company and used blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and strawberries.

The always favorite fruit pizza... Memorial Day style :)

German Chocolate Cupcakes I made for Frank's command bake sale.

Had to make his extra special ;)

I made Lemon Raspberry Cupcakes for Kay's half birthday party. SO. YUMMY!

 Braelyn's Cinderella Birthday Cake :)

 Home made dish washing soap. I found a recipe on Pinterest. But couldn't find the citric acid, so I omitted it. The first few cycles I really liked it a lot, but then I noticed my glasses looked foggy. Then I tried to use white vinegar as a rinsing aid. But it was still ok. Then I read another recipe that used Koolaid Lemonade packets for the citric acid, so I bought 2 and added it in, and I love my soap once again! This recipe contains, 1 cups of Borax, 1 cup Super Washing Soda, 1/2 container of lemi shine, 1/2 cup salt and 2 packets of Koolaid mix... And I still sometimes use vinegar as a rinse aid.

Homemade laundry soap. I LOVE this! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I can't tell a different between my usual soap and my homemade soap. It works great, smells great and is pretty easy to make. I spent $20 on the supplies and I'm counting each load I wash so I know exactly how much each load costs. I drew a line on my purex bottle so I (ahem, Frank) would know how much to use each load.
1 box Borax, 1 box Super Washing soda, 2 boxes Baking Soda (or 1 big box), 2 bars of Zoat soap grated (it's soft and easy to grate!), one container of Oxy Clean, and 1 bottle of purex.
This is only the full purex bottle of the soap, I have a 5 gallon bucket full in the garage.

French Toast Breakfast muffins. Dipped in butter, yea, I said it. Then rolled completely around in Cinnamon Sugar. They absolutely melt in your mouth. Thank you Pinterest.

My 4th of July wreath! Also a Pinterest project. This took 2 days of nap time to complete but I love looking at it!

Frank started running after I had Joel. I thought this was a phase, something that he'd get tired of. But no, he's still going running strong... He's done a few races and bless his heart, wants to keep all his race bibs, I understand. What I can not get over though, is him leaving them all over our house. They constantly get shuffled from room to room until they get spilled on or ripped. So one day when Frank went to run in Leadville for um, 15 hours, (it's a 2 1/2 hour drive both ways, if you don't hit any traffic, which of course they did on the way home) I made him this. I hand painted the letters, that's why it looks a little jacked up. But I put hooks along the bottom so he has a place to hang medals and other things from his races.

Dollar Store/Nap time crafting with Abbi. Well, nap time is kind of a lie. The girls laid in Kay's room giggling and playing instead of sleeping but we were both able to get our wreaths made. The wreath form is a pool noodle. Thanks Pinterest. So altogether this cost $6 to make, plus Kay got several new toys for her sandbox. I also used a glue stick and glued sand on the flip flops, noodle and shovel, it's hard to tell what it is in the picture.

I made Joel a more appropriate boppy cover. I have 2, one downstairs, and one upstairs in my bedroom. Having a second boppy is super convenient. Especially right after birth and your brain doesn't work, at all. The one upstairs had Kay's old pink cover (Poor guy), so I purchased some fabric and whipped this up in 2 days (and by days, I mean nap times). I still have enough fabric to make another, it's a different pattern though. Maybe next week?

I have an idea for a fall wreath, which I hope to make while Frank is gone next week for training. And of course, I'm collecting some ideas for a Halloween wreath and I'll need a birthday wreath soon too... So much to do, so few naps....  

Today after nap time Kay is going to help me decorate the cupcakes we mixed up before she went to sleep. Should be messy! I can't wait! I love freaking my husband out with sugar mess! :)